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The Guildmaster

The Guildmaster is a new Folk/Prog-project featuring: Rafael Pacha: acoustic and electric guitars, flutes and recorders, Venezuelan cuatro, psaltery, bouzouki, mandolin, viola da gamba alto, keyboards, bodhran etc. / Marco Bernard: Shuker bass / Kimmo Pörsti: drums and percussion / Alessandro Di Benedetti: keyboards / Ton Scherpenzeel: keyboards


The Guildmaster - 'The Knight and the Ghost' Artwork by Ed Unitsky 2020-03.jpg

The Guildmaster: The Knight and The Ghost

The Guildmasters' first album ”The Knight and The Ghost” includes 13 original compositions from Rafael Pacha, Ton Scherpenzeel, Kimmo Pörsti, Alessandro Di Benedetti and Kristiina Poutanen - combining folk-music around the world to the appropriate amount of Prog-elements.


"The Guildmaster", emerged as a pan-European project after conversations between Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai of Prog, Paidarion, Mist Season) and Rafael Pacha (collaborator with TSOP, Last Knight, Circle Project and Manoel Macía) as a result of the collaboration in the Kimmo's latest solo album "Wayfarer". The idea was to work with the languages of different Folk traditions in a progressive context.


Marco Bernard (TSOP) enthusiastically joins in on his powerful prog basses, and connects with Ton Scherpenzeel (Kayak, Camel) whose latest solo album (The Lion's Dream) fits into the spirit of this album, "The Knight & The Ghost ". The additions of Peakfiddler (Chris Perry, fiddle), Alessandro Di Benedetti (composition and piano), Ariana Valdivié (Voice and lyrics), Manoel Macía (Baroque Guitar), Rubén Álvarez (Electric guitar), Camilla Rinaldi (Voice), Kristiina Poutanen (Composition), Esa Lehtinen (flute) and Martti Törnwall (violin), make up a map that includes Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, and Greece (for the environment), an example of how much we Europeans have in common, including musical language.


From the first talks to the mixing and mastering of this album (by Kimmo), there are a few months of hard work, interaction and harmony between all the participants, looking for differences but finding coincidences, especially looking for the benefit of Music.


The cover is a product of the Art of Ed Unitsky.


Studio Album, released in 2020. 

Second album will be out soon.

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