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Robert Webb


Robert Webb: Liquorish Allsorts

Robert Webb was the main music-writing contributor on England's highly-acclaimed album Garden Shed in 70's. Yet, as both keyboard player and vocalist the story doesn’t end there.


Interestingly, Robert’s music-making career has taken many twists and turns: from pop to rock, rock to baroque, film music to theatrical music, and from cover bands to jazz choir arrangements. As Robert himself has said, “my intent has always been either to make pop music more artistic, or art music more popular”.


Liqourish Allsorts, Robert’s first solo album, has brought together various recordings from his work in the field: from early studio sessions, through unreleased home recordings and onto current music work. The latter include rock band performances by England, Baroque Nouveau and The Samurai of Prog. Most of the tracks are either Robert’s compositions, or his arrangements of works by others.

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