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Progression: Noxologic

Recordings for Progression's second album are finally released on CD.

”I don't think progressive fusion fans can go wrong with Noxologic. Another highly recommended and quality release from our friends at Seacrest Oy” - Jon Neudorf / Sea of Tranquility 


Progression: The Dream of Cecilia


”Once you are done with this 50-minute CD, you'll need to take a breather, then get ready to hit the start button and experience it all over again. Essentially, this is just a mind-blowing example of classic jazz-fusion with a modern touch, performed by a group of musicians who are all on the same page and obviously perfectly in synch with each other. Let's hope we don't have to wait long for a follow-up. Highly recommended!”  - Pete Pardo / Sea of Tranquility

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