”Wayfarer” is the second solo album of Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai of Prog, Paidarion, Mist Season). Music ranges from Camel-style songs to groovy fusion instrumentals. Although the album could be described as symphonic-prog in general, you can find celtic and bluesy elements etc as well. 


In the album Kimmo is joined by talented guests:


Marek Arnold (GER): Sax, keyboards; Dave Bainbridge (UK): Guitars, keyboards; Marco Bernard (FI): Bass; Carmine Capasso (ITA): Guitars; Jenny Darren (UK): Vocals; Rodrigo Godoy (CHI): Vocals, Guitars; Hitomi Iriyama (JPN): Violin; Olli Jaakkola (FI): Flute; Steve Mauk (USA): Keyboards; Kev Moore (UK): Vocals; Jose Manuel Medina (SPA): Keyboards, orchestrations; Rafael Pacha (SPA): Guitars, whistles, recorders; Otso Pakarinen (FI): Keyboards; Hanna Pörsti (FI): Flute; J-P Rantanen (FI): Keyboards; Kari Riihimäki (FI): Guitars; Jari Riitala (FI): Guitars, keyboards, bass; Jaime Rosas (CHI): Keyboards and Jan-Olof Strandberg (FI): Bass.

Kimmo Pörsti: Wayfarer

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