The Guildmaster is a new Folk/Prog-project featuring:

Rafael Pacha: acoustic and electric guitars, flutes and recorders, Venezuelan cuatro, psaltery, bouzouki, mandolin, viola da gamba alto, keyboards, bodhran etc.

Ton Scherpenzeel: keyboards

Marco Bernard: Shuker bass

Kimmo Pörsti: drums and percussion




Alessandro Di Benedetti: keyboard

Esa Lehtinen: flute

Manoel Macía: baroque guitar

Peakfiddler: fiddle

Camilla Rinaldi: vocals

Martti Törnwall: violin

Ariane Valdivié: vocals

Ruben Alvarez: electric guitar


”The Knight and The Ghost”  includes 13 original compositions from Rafael Pacha, Ton Scherpenzeel, Kimmo Pörsti, Alessandro Di Benedetti and Kristiina Poutanen - combining folk-music around the world to the appropriate amount of Prog-elements. 

The Guildmaster: The Knight and The Ghost

15,00 €Price