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Privacy Policy of Seacrest Oy 

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is being collected, treated, used and protected by Seacrest Oy when you make a purchase from our website ( or otherwise. 


1. Registry holder

Seacrest Oy, VAT-number: 1923949-2

Contact person: Kimmo Pörsti

Address: Parolantie 20 as 35, 13130 Hämeenlinna


2. Name of the Register

Invoicing and shipping register of Seacrest Oy


3. How we use your personal information

The purpose of the use of your personal information is to fulfill any orders of our products, assignment given by the customer, consent of the customer or any other appropriate connection. 

We use your personal information with contacts of customers, orders, shipping, invoicing, reporting and any other actions dealing with taking care of your customership. 

If you have given us permission (for example by joining to our mailing list) we may provide you with information relating to our releases or services. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list by sending us an email or by following the information given to you in marketing emails you may receive from us.

We may also deal with your personal information when fulfilling our legal obligations (book keeping, auditing) or to fulfill the requests given by the authorities. 


4. Contents of the Registers

We use only the information of the clients of Seacrest Oy to fulfill their orders.

We may deal with the following information – necessary because of the use of the register:

- Basic information of a client: name and address, email address, phone number and the other information necessary for taking care of the orders and clientship.

- We collect your email address, so that we can send a confirmation email about your order and communicate with you when necessary. We collect your address in our shipping register, so we can safely ship your order.


Our registers include no information considered as sensitive. None of your credit card details or any other payment method related info is collected by our site.  


5. Regular source of information

The information related to a person is collected using email (or corresponding way) from the person him/herself or from Paypal in the event of order or purchase.  


6. Transfer or delivery of customer data

We never sell your customer data or share it to anyone for marketing purposes etc.

We may share your personal information to third parties to comply with applicable laws and regulations (for example bookkeeping, auditing) or to fulfill the legal requests of information by the authorities (for example tax authorities).

Our partners may use your personal data only for the purposes explained in this privacy policy and according to our instructions. We take care that our partners will not deal with your personal information for any other purposes. 

We don't deliver your personal data outside EU / European Economic Region. 


7. The principles of protecting the data

Written documents are kept in the locked rooms. The deletion of the data containing personal information is made in a secure way.

Databases are protected by firewalls and passwords. Personal information can be obtained only by the persons who need it to take care of the orders. 

Would there be a breach of personal information, we will inform you according to the applicable laws.


8. Your rights

We respect your privacy and we are committed to make sure that your privacy is protected. We don't make profiles. We don't use cookies but our website provider may use them to ensure the functionality of the website. By using this website you accept the possible usage of cookies.

If you are a European resident, you have 

  • the right to access personal information we hold about you

  • resist or restrict the use of your personal information in the extent of the law

  • to ask that your personal information be corrected, updated, or deleted. Such information that is necessary to fulfill the purposes explained in this privacy policy, or which is requirred by the law, cannot be deleted.

If you would like to exercise this right, you can send us a request:


9. Maintaing the information

We will maintain your information for our records as long as it is necessary for the purposes explained in this privacy policy. 

Registry Holder may have a legal or other right/obligation not to delete the information asked for deletion.

Registry Holder has also the obligation to maintain the book keeping material as long as the Law requires. 

Personal information is deleted, when there is no need to maintain it anymore because of the Law or to fulfill the rights or obligations of the Registry Holder or the client.


10. The use of this website

By entering and using our website you agree with the principles of this policy. If you cannot accept these principles, we kindly ask you to stop using this website.

11. Changes

We have a right to update this privacy policy by informing about it on our website.

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