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Mist Season


Mist Season: Reflections

"This is an excellent prog/jazz fusion album. One of the best I have heard this year. Interesting and entertaining with innovative and original sounds, despite covering material from many artists and composers.


The album is a perfect escape from the doldrums of everyday life. The artwork and photography on the inner CD booklet helps to enhance the full effect of the relaxation from this music. They have done a wonderful job capturing the original intention of each composer, while at the same time, have added their own flavor to each song. They highlight the fact that each note was created by human hands which is something we are seeing less and less of these days.


Enjoy this original look back, along with some beautiful acoustic numbers."


- Mark Johnson / Sea of Tranquility


Mist Season: Woodlands

"...Mist Season have in my opinion created a masterpiece with their second CD Woodlands. " - Cor Smeets/ Background Magazine


"Woodlands is the second CD released from the Finnish band Mist Season and continues right where the brilliant first album left off...."

"There are similarities in the music to artists such as Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, David Sanborn, Flim & The BB’s, Shadowfax, Weather Report, etc. but there’s a certain approach that is all their own.


At times things can be very soft and beautiful and there are also moments when they let the breezes of fusion take them away. There’s also an element of vintage nostalgia to the music that I really dig.

It’s as if some of this music was created a couple decades ago and is just being unearthed today..." - Ffroyd / Progressive Ears


Mist Season: First Album

”The debut CD from the Finnish five piece band will please the jazzrock afionados, what a virtuosic musicians, Finnish people can do more than play excellent ice-hockey and football, like my Ajax hero Jari Litmanen!


The climates on the 11 songs alternate from bluesy and mellow to jazzy and swinging with great work on the piano and sax along some electric guitar (from jazzy to fiery). The rhythm-section sounds tight and powerful, often a base for solowork on the piano and saxophone.


If you want to enjoy 54 minutes of great jazzrock oriented prog, this exciting album wil be yours!"


- Erik Neuteboom / Progarchives

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