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Kimmo Pörsti

Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai of Prog, Paidarion, Mist Season) released his first solo album in 1997. It took 23 years to make the next one ”Wayfarer” (2020) but only one year more to make ”Past and Present” (2021). Music ranges from Camel-style songs to groovy fusion instrumentals. Although the album could be described as symphonic-prog in general, you can find celtic and bluesy elements etc as well.

Kimmo Pörsti - Past and Present Artwork by Ed Unitsky 03.jpg

Kimmo Pörsti: Past and Present

"The prestigious Finnish drummer KIMMO PÖRSTI renowned for his contribution to the formation SAMURAI OF PROG comes in August 2021 to offer us his new solo album....In this album, PAST AND PRESENT, Kimmo PORSTI has been able to partially renew his repertoire and broaden his horizons, at the same time as ours. Let us be grateful to him by endorsing this excellent album composed by one of the most brilliant musicians of his generation." - Didier Gonzales / Highlands magazine (Google translation)

" drummer Kimmo Pörsti has again succeeded in delivering a musically very high-quality, varied album with this “Past And Present”, completely in line with the predecessor “Wayfarer”. He makes use of classical influences, funk, jazz, sympho and in almost no composition the Celtic/Scandinavian folk influences are far away....In addition, Pörsti has gathered a variety of excellent, mainly Finnish, musicians around him to give shape to his music. Fans of the album “Wayfarer” will enjoy a lot of listening pleasure from this musical journey through past and present."  - Math Lemmen / Progwereld   (Google translation)



Kimmo Pörsti: Wayfarer​

"I have no doubt Wayfarer will find its way into the hearts of many progressive rock fans and obvious devotees of The Samurai Of Prog world. Being relatively unknown to the TSoP-realm, I have my work cut out once again, for this effort shows delightful creative and inventive appeal where the great melodic storytelling easily sees me going for afters. A strong and recommendable album, perfectly capable of capturing one's imagination."  - Jan Buddenberg / DPRP

"This is an exceptional blueprint of symphonic progressive rock, albeit with a multi-genre approach including elements of folk, world, classical and retro prog... Wayfarer will no doubt feature prominently on my ‘best of’ list at the end of the year. One of the easier recommendations I have made this year." - Jon Neudorf / Sea of Tranquility

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