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04-05 A 2021 Bernard and Porsti - Robinson Crusoe - DEMO-BOOKLET PAGES tupla kai.jpg

Bernard and Pörsti

Bernard and Pörsti is a musical spin-off from The Samurai of Prog – including 2/3 of the TSOP: Marco Bernard: Bass and Kimmo Pörsti: Drums and Percussion. Bernard and Pörsti have released 3 albums so far.

final 2021 Bernard and Porsti - Robinson Crusoe - by Ed Unitsky FACE DEMO CROP 300.jpg

Bernard and Pörsti: Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is the third album by Marco Bernard and Kimmo Pörsti. The album is based on the classic novel by Daniel Defoe, written in 1719.


Bernard and Pörsti: La Tierra​

"Symphonic Prog Rock at it's best. Good compositions with one of the best musicians Finland has to offer, this work is a fantastic musical delight. A mixture of the rocky Kansas, the bombastic from ELP and the feeling for good melodies like z. B. Kaipa."  - Achim Mayinger / Rocktimes


Bernard and Pörsti: Gulliver​     

"Fans of ELO, Kansas, Genesis and Gentle Giant would be interested and I think more than satisfied to sit back and delve into the music and this interesting storyline. A great album full of the wonderful artwork, from beginning to end, of Ed Unitsky. Alone worth the price of admission."  Professor Mark / Progressive Rock Central


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