New album with special guests: Robert Webb, Kev Moore, Jenny Darren, Bogáti-Bokor Ákos and Otso Pakarinen. Mini-LP style gatefold package with 24-page booklet and wonderful artwork by Ed Unitsky!


 Europe, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia - 14 euros


"It has to be said that the album is a triumph, and, for me, Jenny Darren is a complete revelation. The quality should never have been in doubt considering the artwork is by Ed Unitsky, who tends to have his work wrapped around only the finest releases."   - Mark Hughes / DPRP


"Each track was for me a musical highlight which I enjoyed the best way possible. The vocal performances are so great that words hardly can describe how marvellous they sound. The same goes for the musicianship of all of the guys playing on their instruments. Just outstanding performances can be heard. All together (including the artist who created the amazing art work) they have delivered a great piece of art which is highly recommended to lovers of progressive rock who like to hear elements taken from fusion, blues and jazz-rock as well. I am just speechless!" - Henri Strik / Background Magazine

Behind The Curtains

Paidarion Finlandia Project: Two Worlds Encounter

Special guests: Michael Manring, Steve Unruh and Rob Price


Europe - 10 euros



"Behind The Curtains is a must have for people who like progressive rock with influences taken from fusion, jazz-rock and classical music."

- Henri Strik / Background Magazine



"I found reviewing this album both a total joy and a total surprise mainly because I knew very little or nothing about the band, their history or indeed the project itself. Kimmo Porsti has brought together quite a dream team himself being a master of the drums and doing so inspires further exploration of their previous album “Hauras Silta” and eager anticipation of further projects. Production is A1 sounding at its best on good quality playback equipment. Well, a grand way to end 2011 methinks."

- Progmeister

Hauras Silta

In Hauras Silta there are elements from folk, prog, gospel and jazz etc...


Europe - 10 euros



"The most honest thing I can say about Hauras Silta is that it is a gem: brilliant, colorful and alluring”....”Paidarion takes its genre tradition seriously, resides within it, but then also offers clever interpretations, subtle blends and bends, and the freshness of modern studio embellishment to end with a truly fine album—the best new prog release I've heard in a very long time.."

- Bungalow Bill / Progressive Ears