The Samurai of Prog: Archiviarum - a collection of rarities and special recordings will be out in February


It is not a "Best of" - album. None of the tracks have been released in The Samurai of Prog-album previously. It is a collection of special recordings which have appeared in different projects that the band has been involved in. Only three of the tracks of the album have been released. However, there are also 4 new original tracks that are prepared for this album only.


Moreover, you can find two covers there, too. They both have a special reason why they have been recorded and included here - explained in the album booklet.


Also in Archiviarum there are featured a bunch of guests from around the world, for example Oliviero Lacagnina  (Latte e Miele), Lalo Huber (Nexus) and Stefano "Lupo" Galifi (Museo Rosenbach).


Track list:

1. From This Window

2. La Oscuridad

3. Keep the Ball Rolling

4. Ahead of Fortune

5. Elitropia

6. Cristalli

7. The Sleeping Lover

8. Ice

9. Predawn

10. Heroes





Jan-Olof Strandberg/Armand Sabal-Lecco: Live in Finland has been sold out

for quite a while. Now we have made a new print and it will soon be available again!

Marco Bernard: Rickenbacker and Dingwall basses

Kimmo Pörsti: drum and percussions

Steve Unruh: vocals, violin, flute, guitars, mandolin


Also featuring the talent of:


Kerry Shacklett (keyboards, guitar)

Srdjan Brankovic (guitar)

 Lalo Huber (keyboards)

Carlos Lucena (guitar)

Michelle Young (vocals)

 Octavio Stampalía (keyboards)

 Brett Kull (guitar)

Eduardo García Salueña (keyboards)

Oliviero Lacagnina (keyboards)

Michele Mutti (keyboards)

Rubén Álvarez (guitars)

Stefano “Lupo” Galifi (vocals)

Stefano Vicarelli (keyboards)

Marek Arnold (sax, keyboards)

Fran Turner (guitar)

David Myers (piano)

Danny Lopresto (guitar)

Mark Trueack (vocals)


Artwork by Ed Unitsky