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Seacrest Oy released the third part of the Decameron-trilogy together with Oy Visual Power Ltd and Finnish Progressive Rock association Colossus r.y. Like the previous parts (released by Musea), it is a 4CD-box containing 35 great bands from around the world – groups like Nexus, Latte E Miele, United Progressive Fraternity, Taproban, Il Castello Di Atlante and many others.Artwork for the album and the 64-page booklet is made by Ed Unitsky.

Colossus proudly presents: Decameron – Ten days in 100 novellas Parts I - III

PART III: 28 euros including taxes and postage.

Part II: 28 euros including taxes and postage- SOLD OUT -Check out the video of Unitopia

PART I :28 euros including taxes and postageCheck the video of Jinetes negros: Templanza

BUY THEM ALL! SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER for DECAMERON I, II AND III: 60 euros to Europe - including postage 75 euros to USA, Canada and Japan - including postage

Artwork: Ed Unitsky (Decameron II & III) Davide Guidoni (Decameron I)

Please note that because of the huge postage prices in Finland we may have to send CDs in Economy mail to US, Canada and Japan etc.